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Avoiding Layoffs

There are other options for addressing redundant headcount and budget issues. These options may even drive a resurgence in employee engagement, productivity, and profit.


Layoffs Are The Last Resort

The employment landscape has drastically changed in the last decade. The average length of employment is 3 years. Workers want to know how their efforts contribute so their work is meaningful, and they want to grow both professionally and personally. In short, they are asking for a more personal experience from their work and leaders. We provide services that specifically address core issues with culture and values, job design, employee engagement, and managerial training. 

Alternatives to Layoffs 

We offer the following services as needed to help you avoid the need for layoffs:

  • Executive Coaching

Three Easy Ways To Get Started


Just A Conversation 

Schedule your free consult call and tell us about your situation. Together, we'll find a solution. 


See For Yourself

Learn your natural and adapted behaviors and driving motivators with one of our Success Insights assessment and consult. Try it yourself: $90 each.


Personal Culture Audit

Try a Culture Audit for yourself and find your personal archetype that shows up when you interact with others. $125 each

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