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The Culture You Want Grows From the Culture You Have. Let's Start There.

Our Culture Audit Gives You A Common Language


Your company culture comes from the stories, peer pressure, and processes that employees and leaders use to describe acceptable behaviors in your organization. 


When you use simple labels (that we call archetypes) to describe your culture, your team members can quickly see what’s really going on. Our Culture Audit identifies the collective and individual archetypes that are actually responsible for your department’s behavior and results.

We start with a brief questionnaire that each person on your team answers online. Participants receive a set of results and from these individual responses, an algorithm is used to identify the group culture.




• Leadership Team Dynamics

• Traditions / Stories / Gossip

• Policies and Procedures

• Leadership Behavior

• National Culture

• Peer Pressure

Our Culture Audit identifies personal and organizational archetypes. These are short-hand labels that describe how we talk about Cultural Drivers and determine behaviors.   

• Employee Engagement

• Growth / Stability

• Productivity

• Profit



That Matter

[ Your culture originates from these among current and new employees ]



[ Our personal characteristics determine how we convert cultural drivers into action ]

[ These are "bottom-line" outcomes that happen when behaviors are aligned to intentions ]

What Our Culture Audit Can Do For You

  • Define the top drivers to get your department back on track so you become a star in the company and the envy of other departments.

  • Identify the gap between intentions and behaviors so you know where to focus your efforts. 

  • Give leadership a focal point to discuss and design the future of the organization.

  • Provide a common language that employees use to discuss culture, behaviors, and company goals.

  • Highlight how each employee contributes to a culture that kills (in the marketplace!)

A Culture Audit Improves Life At Work

  • The behaviors of leaders align with their intentions and inspires employees to follow.

  • Leadership and employees are receptive to new solutions.

  • Employees are inspired to become personally accountable for results that matter. 

  • Employees stop looking for jobs, reducing the cost of churn and time wasted contemplating greener pastures. 

  • Get more things done faster with less friction because everyone is aware of desired outcomes.

  • You and your people have an accurate roadmap to a future where all of you are achieving beyond typical company standards. 

  • Stress is reduced because expectations are clear and modeled by leaders.

  • Your company’s brand reputation as an employer dramatically improves and your company is the place everyone wants to work. 

How Our Culture Audit Works

We use a well-tested approach called CultureTalk. This end-to-end system measures the culture of an organization as well as the strengths of the leaders and teams that drive it.

Our online CultureTalk surveys use a framework of 12 archetypes that are used as short-hand narratives that describe how individuals shape your culture.


We help you measure the cultural values across your teams, locations, and departments. A Baseline Culture Audit assesses alignment and potential gaps resulting in a strategic action plan that impacts your culture design, integration, recruiting, retention, and the development of your leaders, teams, and brand.

Culture Is A Business System

Culture exists whenever two or more people gather and make commitments to each other.


Don't wait to get the culture you ignore. Design your culture for a purpose that aligns to results that really matter.

Don’t let the intangible nature of your culture keep you from addressing its impact.


We have arrived at a time in human development that our organizations CAN change their culture.


Let’s get started.

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