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We interviewed top thought leaders about the most pressing issues facing human resources today. Below are the full interviews and clips that highlight how companies can thrive and success in today's business landscape.


How to Build a Compensation Plan That Motivates Remote Employees

The Problem

Managers are rewarded for being task-oriented and getting stuff done. Employees don’t always engage with this kind of approach, especially remote workers. This results in disengagement, low productivity, and drama. Today, the problem is critical because working from home is the new normal.


The Solution

HR Leaders like you can offer an approach that rewards remote workers who are engaged so managers are supported and spend less time “herding cats”. 



By creating a framework to identify what needs to get done, managers and employees can work together to set goals and meet for check-ins how things are progressing. As an HR professional, you can drive this approach and nurture the success of both managers and employees. 


Melissa Grandchamp, Senior Strategic HR Consultant at Summit HR Solutions will provide expert advice about setting up this approach in your company. And James Ripley will provide a Mindful Minute to help set us up for sharing and learning.

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