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Where Clinical 

Psychology Meets Corporate Success


Our staff brings deep experience in personal and professional growth and human resources to deliver healthy and dignified workforce reductions.

Founder, Ric Taylor, MA

Humanizing Commerce

Some corporate leaders consider culture, engagement, and 2+2=5 outcomes to be intangible hoohaw. But decades of research clearly show that layoffs have a negative affect on productivity, losing customers, profit, and even bankruptcy. Our team has decades of experience in creating transformative cycles of change in the lives of individuals and companies

We are here to help you integrate your various teams into a singular culture after layoffs. The methods we use can be unbundled to provide smaller, incremental improvements in manager effectiveness, employee engagement, and ultimately, improved outcomes like more profitability, bigger ROI, and higher productivity. It’s no accident that we’re the people you call to help fix your, “People Problems” during critical phases in the life of your company.

Our Purpose

Humanizing Commerce

Our Core Values






Meet The Team


Ric Taylor, MA, CEO

Ric is on a mission to help others create more meaning in their lives. He left a 20-year career as a manager in IT after a large company acquired his boss’ startup with the promise that they would not change the culture. After the transaction, the two company cultures were more at odds than ever. The startup ultimately closed its doors. People lost jobs, the parent company lost money, and everyone lost faith in the 2+2=5 scenario that is frequently promised during M&A efforts. After that, Ric put his master's degree in psychology to work and opened a private psychotherapy practice focused on working with executives and couples. This personal, gritty work led Ric to develop a methodology for personal and professional growth that is the basis for Touchbase Services. He is a father of 2 kids and an avid trail runner and musician.


Deb Daufeldt, MA, MBA, LPC, NCC, PMP, Sr. Consultant

Deb helps professionals achieve breakthrough success in their relationships, careers, and organizations. For two decades Deb worked as a business executive and consultant in corporate America, leveraging a BBA and an MBA focused on Strategic Planning, Management, and Project Management. Her focus on change management served as a springboard into coaching executives, obtaining a master’s degree in counseling, and building a private counseling/coaching/consulting practice to help professionals overcome their personal and professional challenges. Deb works with clients to build on their strengths and attain the growth they want. She can often be found satisfying an incurable addiction to the game of golf or floating down powdery ski runs in the majestic Rocky Mountains.


John Hartle, MA, Human Development, Sr. Consultant

John received his Master’s degree in Human Development from the University of Denver in 1991. Since then he’s helped countless clients navigate life’s toughest issues as a therapist and consultant. His breadth of knowledge has expanded into commercial real estate beginning in 2012. John is known for his work with family-owned businesses who call on him to help resolve highly contentious dynamics and leadership issues. Don’t let his easy-going coaching style fool you. He can deliver hard truths and cut through BS like nobody’s business. He enjoys traveling abroad with his wife and grown kids.


Kerm Hamilton, M.Ed, Sr. Consultant

Kerm has a passion for fostering conscious change in others through acceptance, presence, and wisdom. After 27 years as a corporate manager with AT&T, US West, and Qwest (with 24 years receiving special assignments in Human Resources), he began his career coaching senior leaders throughout the country. He has led union labor and management relationship negotiations, facilitated senior leadership transitions, and helped countless employees transform their careers. You know, the really hard stuff very few people want to tackle. Yeah, he’s that guy. These days, he’s a Senior Leadership and Transition Coach for ICC and spends well-deserved free time with his wife, grown kids, and dogs.

We get gritty with your leaders and teams to help upgrade your cultural drivers after layoffs.

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