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Agile Performance Training for Managers

Learn to harness iterative

growth cycles and

help employees

use their strengths

at work.

Tired of Pushing Your Employees to Produce?

It’s no secret to managers that most company leaders don’t understand the stress of managing others.  When leaders count on you to “get it done,” they don’t want to know why it didn’t happen. Leaders expect managers to resolve personnel issues, but they don’t want to hear the details.  So managers, the pivotal people who deal with people, get to deal with things like:

  • Employees who keep asking for help with what seems to be easy tasks, again. 

  • Trying to fix people-problems with the latest processes - and it fails.

  • Being responsible for good results, which you can’t get because you have to fix people issues that interfere with simple procedures. 

  • The stress and fear of appearing incompetent (because no one but you knows about the specific people issues you have to resolve to get things done). 

  • Multiple attempts to “fix” personnel issues, including micromanaging, tricks, workarounds, politics, incentives, and write-ups.


Our 8-hour training helps you make some dramatic changes in your ability to produce impressive results as a team.  You’ll learn how to:

  1. Use the latest coaching techniques instead of traditional management  approaches

  2. Take advantage of the most effective communication model to resolve conflict and synthesize the differing opinions among your people, creating powerful solutions. 

  3. Engage your Emotional Intelligence to manage interactions and free up more time to get stuff done (this breaks down silos between your departments, and makes your people amazingly more cooperative). 

  4. Apply an Agile Management approach to grow and engage your employees - it’s time to see what all the “Agile” hype is about.  You’ll be glad you did.

Believe it or not, each person in your organization does want to contribute

in a meaningful way. That's why we’ve created a leadership training that helps managers harness this natural tendency. 

What Our Leadership Training Can Do For You

Join top companies like IBM, Adobe, and Zappos who have shifted from a top-down management style to an Agile approach that helps employees grow. With frequent and consistent coaching discussions about applying your employee’s strengths to achieve specific results, you’ll start harnessing their natural desire to contribute in a tangible way. Change the way your people engage without an overwhelming change-management program. Our facilitators help participants retain these techniques with role-plays and a highly experiential workshop style of learning so they start using what they learn right away.


Harness the Power of Agile Performance Management

Imagine employees who are self-motivated to solve problems, provide solid results that matter, and pull from their strengths. These results are no longer some lofty dream concocted by distant psychologists. Take advantage of the research and results produced by large companies who’ve invested millions to figure this out. This is no longer a trend that’s floating through the HR department of large companies.  Start using this effective approach today with a training for your managers.


We would love the opportunity to show you how quickly our Leadership Training will impact your teams. Let's get started.

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