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Before Layoffs

Workforce Reduction is a serious effort that requires planning. Let us help you make the difficult decisions so your layoffs are smooth and employees feel respected.


Workforce Reduction Requires Planning

The economy is always shifting. Your business cycles through market expansion and contraction. This affects your revenue. Other factors, like seasonality, mergers and acquisitions, supply and demand, availability of capital, and access to good talent; these can all trigger future layoffs.


However, it's likely that your managers and human resource professionals have direct experience with workforce reductions - unless they have been laid-off. It's been 10 years since the recession    

You need a process that orients leaders and brings your teams together with a thoughtful and empathetic approach. We provide a proven roadmap that covers legal and financial obligations to minimize risk. Our plan also addresses the human elements of layoffs.

Pre-Layoff Planning Services

Phase 1: Set goals, create a plan, and select affected employees

  • Create goals for layoff efforts. 

  • Establish criteria for selection and address seniority rights or bargaining agreements.

  • Assign the Implementation Team.

  • Plan for who will communicate to teams and primary messaging.

  • Address relocation issues and/or transfer opportunities.

Phase 2: Address Financial Obligations

  • Address employment taxes including workers' compensation, state income taxes and, tax withholding payouts. 

  • Final paychecks, bonuses, commissions, and accrued vacation pay.

  • Labor contracts, individual agreements, garnishments, and other individualized arrangements.

  • Identify your severance policies, ERISA compliance, continuation of health benefits.

  • Fringe benefits including profit sharing, retirement plans, pension plans, and possible amendments.

  • Address whether or not to offer voluntary retirement and the associated benefits. 

  • Plan for health insurance continuation, COBRA, any other obligations.

Phase 3: Address Legal Obligations

  • Ensure company premises and electronic ecosystems are secure.

  • Evaluate the need for an on-site Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

  • Address Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) requirements.

  • Plan for the physical transfer of employment records to secondary keeping and eventual archive.

  • Confirm if you need any releases to be reviewed by your legal counsel.

  • Compliance with the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA Act).

  • Address labor relations and bargaining issues with labor membership.

  • Address any legal claims employees might have that will affect layoffs.

  • Identify any current agreements with independent contractors or third-party vendors.


  • A final review of milestones will be provided to leadership with recommendations for next steps.

Service Options

1. We Can Provide Guidance: 

Take advantage of our expertise and use our Workforce Reduction Planning guide as a roadmap. Our experts will be available for guidance with regular meetings scheduled to help navigate the process.

2. We Can Manage the Planning Stage for You

We work with you and other stakeholders to create a customized Workforce Reduction implementation plan that's ready to be implemented. 

Three Easy Ways To Get Started


Just A Conversation 

Schedule your free consult call and tell us about your situation. Together, we'll find a solution. 


See For Yourself

Learn your natural and adapted behaviors and driving motivators with one of our Success Insights assessment and consult. Try it yourself: $90 each.


Personal Culture Audit

Try a Culture Audit for yourself and find your personal archetype that shows up when you interact with others. $125 each

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