Change Your Culture and Celebrate Results That Really Matter

When your managers, leaders, and employees align their behaviors to your culture, great things happen. That's smart. And that's worth celebrating.


Cul·ture /ˈkəlCHər/:

             How we get things done around here.

Our Services

Improve Your Team Performance [for team managers & directors]

You’ve tried micromanaging them. You’ve tried neglecting them. You’ve tried surveys, trainings, coaches, consultants, team building, and a myriad of other attempts to engage employees so they perform at a higher level. The reason these options don’t work is because the culture of your department and company doesn’t pull from the most basic human need; to create meaning. 


Our services are designed to help you bring out the best in your people. We like to get

gritty with you and your team and address the root of your personnel challenges using

our uncommon, common-sense approaches.

Post M&A Culture Integration [for organizational leaders & M&A advisors]

Merger and Acquisition deals are transactional. The people who help close the deal must address the complicated issues in a transactional way. But after the transaction is complete you need a Relational approach because employees won’t whole-heartedly join your team because you tell them to. They need a reason that pulls their heart-strings. They want to do something meaningful. 


We help leadership teams and M&A advisors fully realize the synergies of combining

organizations. We harness the drivers of culture, clarify expectations for each position,

and teach managers to use coaching techniques in an Agile Performance approach.

In the first 100 days, you’ll see tangible changes in performance, engagement,

and productivity.

How We Help You Change Your Culture

Culture Audit 1


Find the drivers that determine your business culture at the individual, department, and organizational level.

Job Benchmark


Identify the purpose of each job, the traits needed by an employee to be successful, and the traits each current employee brings to their job.

Leadership Training


Help managers use coaching techniques, emotional intelligence, and Agile Performance Management to change the culture one employee at a time.

Culture Audit 2


Discover how your culture has changed and design the future of your culture.

We get gritty with your teams to help upgrade your cultural drivers so they deliver desired outcomes.

Let's create outcomes worth celebrating.

“The emotional cost of working with customers who are dissatisfied is so depleting that I don’t have the energy to complete the work that really matters. This creates the perception that I’m unproductive.”

“I feel very alone in my struggle to keep a positive outlook. My employees see it and the good ones are starting to leave the company. I need to find a way to turn things around.”

“Everyone talks about improving our culture but nothing changes. I'm not even sure what they mean by culture. I just know that I spend a lot of time clearing blocks and helping my employees get work done.”

Why Leaders Like You Use Touchbase Services

Three Easy Ways To Get Started

As the primary executive recommending our services, we want you and your team to be fully convinced that our approach is right for you. That's why we provide several options so you can see the results of our services for yourself.


A Conversation 

Schedule your free consult call and tell us about your situation. Together, we'll find a solution. 


See For Yourself

Learn your natural and adapted behaviors and driving motivators with one of our Success Insights assessment and consult. This revealing experience is: $90 each.


Personal Culture Audit

Try a Culture Audit for yourself and find your personal archetype that shows up when you interact with others. $125 each

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