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We Help Companies Manage Layoffs

Sometimes, business cycles require quick Reductions in Costs. 

Reductions in Workforce are the most common response.


But, inexperience and lack of commitment to a set of best practices make layoffs difficult for those who leave and those who remain. This causes customers to leave and profits drop. Public companies that use layoffs are twice as likely to file for bankruptcy. 


Employees who remain after layoffs are disengaged, overworked, and unsure about their future.


We provide 4 service plans to help Human Resources and managers successfully address workforce costs while employees feel respected and engaged.

Our Four Service Plans 


Phase 1:

Set goals, create a plan, and select affected employees

Phase 2:

Address Financial Obligations

Phase 3:

Address Legal Obligations


Phase 1:

Prepare for 1-2-1 Meetings

Phase 2:

Make the Announcement

Phase 3:

Hold Group Lay-off Meetings

Phase 4:

Hold 1-2-1 Meetings


Phase 1:

Rally Your People

Phase 2:

Share The Goals

Phase 3:

Engage Your People With the Plan

Phase 4:

Build A Culture of Coaching Moments


Customize Your Plan: 

Define goals and “People-2-Job Fit” with Job Benchmarking

Rally your people with Cultural Audits & alignment sessions

Embed coaching and feedback into daily workflow

Individualized career development coaching

Our services help you meet your financial goals and keep your remaining employees engaged. You’ll feel more calm and confident that you delivered bitter medicine that ultimately helps your company thrive and more people employed into the future.


"It was two years after the merger that we realized we had to lower our headcount. These were good employees who had helped us grow through our startup phase. We needed guidance so layoffs would be as painless as possible for them. Our remaining team has rallied and we're more streamlined."  

“The one layoff I experienced was terrible. Our leadership team had no business trying to manage it on their own. We were all on just getting things done and layoffs were handled like a transaction. After that, morale dropped and good people started leaving. I don't want to make the same mistake again.”

“My workload is packed. And now we have layoffs. Yes, layoffs are an unfortunate reality of the business world. But the truth is, I'm too busy to manage a layoff and do it right. My people deserve better and it's just good business."

Why Leaders Use Touchbase Services

Webinar Video Replays


Three Easy Ways To Get Started


Just A Conversation 

Schedule your free consult call and tell us about your situation. Together, we'll find a solution. 


See For Yourself

Learn your natural and adapted behaviors and driving motivators with one of our Success Insights assessment and consult. Try it yourself: $90 each.


Personal Culture Audit

Try a Culture Audit for yourself and find your personal archetype that shows up when you interact with others. $125 each

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