3 Startling Facts

About Self-Directed Workers that HR and Managers Must Know to Be Successful 

Join your host, Ric Taylor and author Jessica Hartung for a 1-hour webinar about helping employees develop intrinsic motivation to learn, work, and grow.


Most leaders are still clinging to false feelings of control by simply shifting fear-based, top-down management approaches to remote workers. Does this remnant of factory-line management still work with off-site information workers?


How can Human Resources and Managers give their employees ownership of outcomes while ensuring work is completed on-time and within budget? 

Jessica Hartung, Author of, "The Concious Professional" and founder of Integrated Work, a consulting firm with over 30 employees and associates specializing in leadership development.


James Ripley, Founder of Guided Meditation Institute

Creator of the Mindful Minute for busy leaders and professionals. 

The Guided

Meditation Institute

Ric Taylor, Your Host and Founder of Touchbase Services

Helping companies manage workforce challenges during change to rally employees for profitable comebacks. 


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