Vincent Smith has been involved with employee engagement programs, recruitment, and strategy for over 20 years. His company, Mindset Management offers tools to help HR, managers, and leaders engage employees using next-generation data collection and analysis tools.


James Ripley will be with us to kick-off a "Mindful Moment" to set the tone for learning and sharing. James in the founder of The Guided Meditation Institute and provides these mindful moments for conferences and meetings around the country. 


Ric Taylor, Your Host and Founder of Touchbase Services

Helping companies manage workforce challenges during change to rally employees for profitable comebacks. 


3 Ways HR Can Use Employee Surveys To Make Solid Choices In Uncertain Times

June 10 • 11:00am MST

Join Your host Ric Taylor and the president of Mindset Management, Vincent Smith for a 1-hour webinar about how to gather and use employee data to help humanize the employment experience at your company.