Join your host, Ric Taylor and guests Lisa Walden and Greyson Jungren for a 1-hour webinar about Millennials and the changes they're driving in the workplace.

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5 Ways Millennials Are Changing Everything

at Work Right Now 

May 15 • 11:00am MST

Despite the stereotypes and complaints from older generations, Millennials are the future. They comprise 30% of the workforce and are shaping the very structure of organizations. Working remote, near-time feedback, 2-year tenure, coaching, diversity, friendship, flex-hours, instant learning, and always-on; these are standards that Millennials bring to the workforce landscape and are likely to stick for many years.   


In this episode of TeamTalk, I’ll be interviewing two special guests. Lisa Walden is a co-founder of Good Company Consulting and co-author of, “Managing Millennials For Dummies”. Greyson Jungren is the Director of Sales for PluralSight and a consummate Millennial working at the mid-level of a software company. 


While Lisa brings deep expertise and research in generational theory and leadership, Greyson brings insight from the trenches of managing a team  every day. This will be a dynamic conversation loaded with helpful insights for anyone leading, managing, or hiring Millennials.

Lisa Walden is also the co-author of “Managing Millennials For Dummies” and has co-founded The Good Company where she helps companies maintain thriving cultures, use mindful communication, prevent burnout, and navigate changes in the workplace. 


Greyson Jungren is the Director of Sales for PluralSight. A consummate Millennial, he's had a successful online business in college and a successful buyout of his former employer. These days he manages a sales team and will be offering his perspective from the trenches of working as a young professional. 


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